Zachary Quinto

The black and white portraits of Zach were taken on Providenciales, the main Island in the Turks and Caicos chain. I like the laid-back editorial feel that we went for, as an alternative to the sinister look of his Heroes character, and the more polished feel of the studio shoots we’ve done.  I decided to go with the black and white format for these images to add drama and to give a different look from my normally more colorful images.

I looked for locations with flattering natural light as we wandered through an interesting waterfront part of town, and several more remote parts of the island.  It was all shot late in the afternoon and early evening.

This hot-white studio shoot was a way for me to make some cool “leading man” type images that let some of Zach’s personality shine through.  He was adept at turning on the magic, and giving me a wide array of different attitudes and expressions.  I wanted a very cleanly lit portrait a la Details Magazine, with a bit of direction to the light, and not too much fill.  I think we achieved an interesting look with the lighting, while keeping it very clean and commercial.

The great wardrobe we had that day fit in well with Zach’s own personal style, and the slight changes we made gave a bit of variety, with which I am also very pleased.  I think the result of the interesting wardrobe is a display of style that remains cool, relaxed, and approachable, while being more refined than the typical L.A. look of jeans and vintage T.